Elan Morgan

Whether it is building websites, communities, or writing online, I help humanity and good content flourish online. I build sites that are visually appealing, intuitive to use, and that behave as the welcoming embodiment of their owners' goals โ€” whether they are a group, business, or individual โ€” both for the owners and the people who come to use their sites. 

I create full, SEO-friendly visual and structural designs for websites and weblogs from concept straight through to CSS and HTML coding, working with clients throughout the process to craft user-friendly websites with simple navigation that can speak both for and to them. I have the most experience using the following platforms:

  • Squarespace 7: The majority of my work is done using this platform, and it is my preferred environment both for design and client happiness.
  • Shopify
  • Tumblr

I also help craft site copy so it is SEO-friendly and speaks well both to search engines and your audience.

Beyond site designs, I also design mastheads and banners, business cards, large trade display banners, and more. I am an adventurous designer, so do not hesitate to ask me what I can do for you, even if you don't see your particular kind of project in my showcased work.