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Elan Morgan believes in good design, quality writing, and genuine community, and much of their work revolves around furthering the internet to this end.

Elan Morgan


I design beautiful websites that embody the character and goals of their owners and honour those who use both the back and front ends of the sites, I am a writer invested in online publication, I am a public speaker who has spoken at conferences across North America about creativity, self-doubt, the crafts of both writing and blogging, and social media, and I consult on various aspects of online content and social media.

Ongoing, I am a Web Designer Developer and Web Content Editor at GenderAvenger, I build websites in Squarespace and occasionally design them for Go Giraffe Go, and I volunteer my online services with Regina Cat Rescue.



I believe in blogging and social media, quality, and genuine community, and much of my personal work revolves around furthering the internet to this end.

I sometimes go by the name Schmutzie (shmuht'sē), a pseudonym that I still carry over from my first years of blogging anonymously, but I am most often known as Elan Morgan these days. I have been blogging since August of 2003, which makes my blogging career paleolithic by internet standards.

I run ElanMorgan.com, a personal blog since 2003, and the Grace in Small Things social network since 2008. I also founded, designed, and ran the Canadian Blog Awards for five years from 2010 to 2014. I have spoken at many conferences and at TEDxRegina, and my writing, phoneography, and I have been featured in print and on television and have been published in various places online. Check out my Curriculum Vitae to see the whole shebang.

I live in Regina, Saskatchewan with Aidan and our four cats.

Elan Morgan