They like Elan Morgan’s work! They really like it!

Gina Glantz

Founder of GenderAvenger

Elan was the first professional who worked with GenderAvenger. They designed the original website and guided its entry into the world of the internet. Since then they have become an integral part of the strategy development, tool creation, and branding including redesign of the website and consistent improvement of the site and more. They have enormous creative talent, speak their mind, and fulfill their obligations with grace and determination.

Brita Lind

Brita Lind
CEO, co-founder, lead strategist, and creative director at GoGiraffeGo Writing & Design

Elan Morgan is incredible to work with. Smart. Professional.Organized and Creative. Every project is a win. Seriously.

April Rinne

Advisor, Public Speaker, Catalyst and Global Citizen

Elan is a website designer extraordinaire. I have had the pleasure of working with them for the past couple of years, and it has been delightful and rewarding. Elan has a keen eye for what looks good and is able to communicate that simply and effectively. Their work is, quite simply, excellent. They are thorough, thoughtful, timely… and what's more, a lot of fun to work with too! On a scale of 1 to 5, Elan is a 10.

Claire Moshenberg

Former Director of Communications and co-worker at GenderAvenger

I would work with Elan again in a heartbeat. They are a savvy, skilled designer with a sharp mind for strategy. They offer elegant solutions to complex problems and brings their lightning fast mind, engaging aesthetic, and delightful personality to every project. Elan is a warm, thoughtful, and talented coworker. You couldn't ask for a better addition to your team.

Rita Arens

Deputy Editor at BlogHer.com

I've hired Elan for design, editorial and social media management personally and at BlogHer. I keep going back over and over because she's smart, fast, funny and talented. Highly recommend!

Taryn Boyd

Education and Engagement Coordinator at Literary Press Group

[Elan] delivered a series of informative and well-organized workshops… that were fundamental in helping us to flesh out our ideas and goals… The world of social media is also somewhat philosophical, and Elan helped us navigate its murky depths with good humour and cheer, not to mention amazing advice… I can't recommend Elan's services enough as a consultant.

Anissa Mayhew

President at Slightly Bent Productions, LLC

I have had the pleasure of being Elan's client and employer. Both left me in awe of their ability to excel and motivate, always assist others in making the end product more successful and find minute details that made their quality stand above and beyond.

Morra Aarons-Mele

Founder of Women Online and The Mission List, Author of Hiding in the Bathroom, Public Speaker

I have worked with Elan for many years and they are one of my favorite designers and strategic thinkers. Their design sense, thoroughness, and technical acuity is matched by passion for their work and an ability to translate clients' wishes into beautiful designs!

Jillian Bell

Co-Executive Director at SaskBooks

We have hired Elan in a number of roles for [SaskBooks], from data collation and entry to display and sales to creative design work. Elan is always professional, enthusiastic, and approachable — there's a reason we keep coming back to them!

Recently, we contracted Elan to design two large pop-up banner displays for our non-profit organisation. Elan's work is inspired and visually stunning. They came in exactly on budget and exactly on time.

Christine Koh

Writer, Editor, Designer, Consultant

Elan recently worked their design and technical wizardry to help me give my website (BostonMamas.com) a long overdue makeover. There are many reasons it was a wonderful partnership: 1. They were completely open to working with my specific elements (e.g., logo I designed) and recommendations (e.g., wireframe). 2. They used their expertise to up the awesome on the layout I proposed. 3. They made a blog platform change that I had been DREADING shockingly seamlessly. 4. They are the kind of designer who takes care of design elements they know you will love but have just not asked for yet. 5. They are overall a wonderful person. It was a joy to work with Elan on this project and they have my highest recommendation.

Deb Rox

Principal at Platform

I've hired Elan several times for branding and graphic design projects. They're the best of the best, with both a progressive design vision and superior execution skills. Great follow-through and customer-centric approach. I highly recommend them.

Faiqa Khan

Writer, Editor, Podcaster

Elan's understanding of and ability to meet their customer's needs borders on the nearly magical. Working with a vague idea of what I wanted, they guided me gently through a process that allowed us to narrow down my needs in a specific way. Their design transformed my personal blog into one that fits both my content and my style and I couldn't be happier.