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Elan Morgan is a Squarespace designer developer and web content editor who builds websites that work.

Elan Morgan

I'm a squarespace designer developer and web content editor who builds websites that work.

I create websites from concept to visual and content design to CSS and HTML coding, working directly with clients to craft user-friendly websites with simple navigation and content organization that speak both for and to them.


What is a designer developer?


A designer crafts how a website looks and how a user interacts with it — user interaction (UI) and user experience (UX).


A developer uses code like HTML, CSS, and Javascript to affect not only how a website looks but also how it functions.

Me  👉  Designer Developer

A designer developer is a mix of both designer and developer, so they can create bespoke websites with an eye to both the aesthetics and functionality of a site.


I also am a snappy web content editor with an eye for search engine optimization.

Your copy will both stand out and work in tandem with the overall website design for maximum impact.

As a web content editor, I will plan, edit, and help create your website content. I will correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors; fine-tune structure, tone, and voice; and ensure clarity, logical flow, and consistency in words, typography, art, and style. I'll make sure that your copy is not only powerful with an eye to search engine optimization but also well balanced with your website's design so that both elements can work harmoniously and deliver the desired impact.

Elan Morgan

And on top of all that? I am also a Squarespace circle member, and this is good for both of us.

"Circle members get access to tools, education, community, and perks to help them grow their web design practice," and two major perks of my Squarespace Circle membership are handed directly down to you:

👉  20% off your first year of any Squarespace annual plan I sign you up for

👉  An extended 6 month trial period rather than the usual 2 weeks.


Check out Some of the Sites I've designed.

I've created sites for nonprofits, arts organizations, authors, bloggers, musicians, politicians, and other professionals. Click through to see them live and in action:

Christina Wallace

Women & Work

Boston Mamas (Christine Koh designed the logo)

Barbara Tyson

Belle Plaine (the illustration is from the album art)


Re-Think Strategic Consulting

Kindred Cities (the logo was designed by the site creator)